The Birth of an Industry

Our Founder and CEO, Jason Mariner, had a “eureka” moment while visiting NYC on business. After a hard day’s work, he was strolling around the city and noticed a taxi advertising a restaurant while crossing the street. Not paying it much mind,  he continued on. By sheer coincidence, he later passed by the restaurant advertised on the taxi. He was hungry and didn’t have any plans for food so he figured he’d check it out.

On the way there, it hit him, this was one of the only ads that had ever worked on him (and also that this was the best chicken piccata he’d ever had). He thought, “The only reason I came to this restaurant is because an ad for it was fresh in my mind, and I only noticed the ad because I was focusing on not getting hit by a car.” As someone who considered himself pretty aware of his surroundings, he wondered how people who are constantly glued to their screens would notice ads under any other circumstances. This in itself wasn’t a revolutionary idea, but he wondered why he hadn’t thought of it sooner. The answer was simple. Because of the success of ridesharing, there were fewer taxis, and therefore fewer ads, on the road compared to several years prior. Advertising on the road had proven successful over the past several decades, but with the decline of the taxi and radio industries, there was a gap in the market. If someone paired individual high-mileage drivers with businesses based on certain criteria, they could offer an extremely effective form of advertising.

A few weeks later, ADSKINZ™ was founded in a hot, air conditioner-less garage in Jupiter, FL. Jason had quit his job and was determined to make this concept a success. Some of his advertisers were skeptical at first, but after seeing the results their mobile advertising fleets were generating, many of them increased their vehicle counts after only a few months. Then something big happened. An advertiser called to say ADSKINZ had outperformed their billboards five fold (and at a fraction of the cost). Then it happened again with another advertiser, and another. They had realized the world was changing and that their advertising needed to change with it.

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Some positive side effects Jason hadn’t even foreseen started to emerge as well. The drivers loved getting paid to have an ad on their vehicles so much they began recommending the advertisers to people they knew and even patronizing them. The ads were so memorable to the people who saw them they could recall them several months later. Once, one of them called an advertiser and said “I saw your ad on a car a few months ago.” The advertiser, realizing their ADSKINZ campaign had ended the prior month, promptly gave Jason a call to renew their campaign. The amount of work on Jason’s plate quickly surpassed what any one person could handle, so he decided it was time to hire a staff and get a work space that actually had air conditioning. (Go figure!)

To this day, we’ve continued to refine our techniques and do everything we can to maximize the impact of ADSKINZ. The only thing we pride ourselves on more than the results we generate for our clients is being able to offer a form of advertising that gives back to the community (we even like to do it ourselves), so if you’re looking to put your business on the road, get more customers, increase brand awareness, or all of these, you can give us a call at (833) 237-5469, email us at sales@ADSKINZ.com, or fill out the form below to get the process started!

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