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How to Get Paid by ADSKINZ!

Once Your Ad Is Installed

At ADSKINZ, driver satisfaction is of the utmost importance. If you ever have any issues, please don’t hesitate to contacts us!

Now that you have your ADSKINZ decal, you will start receiving payment every 30 days via the Cash App.

You can use our promo link to download the Cash App. It’s free to download, and by using our promo link to download it, you’ll get $5 free if you send $5 to someone else!

For you to receive your payment through the Cash App we will need your Cashtag which can be found on the Cash App. We have provided an example and circled where the Cashtag can be found (please see the examples below).

When you are due for payment you will receive a text message from us that will look like the example shown here.

Upon receiving the message, you will need to send us a proof photo with a code that was generated at random for that day only. The code is found in an email reminding you to contact us every month. Please also write the first three letters of the current month of the day you take the picture; for example, if it’s August when you submit the picture and your proof code you received via email is “12345”, you would write “AUG12345”. This is how we verify that you have not removed or tampered with your ad.

Please make sure that you get the entire car in the picture the same way as you see below. Make sure we can also read the code.

The right way…

The wrong way…

Please send the photo to us and next text us your Cashtag (see example).  We copy and paste the Cash Tag you send us so please make sure it is accurate.

We try to send a text confirming that we have sent the payment, although sometimes the texts get missed.

In any case please text us “Received” as soon as you get your payment.

It is your responsibility to confirm the payment was received.  We monitor every driver’s vehicles from the date of installation very diligently.

If you think you have been skipped over and have missed a payment you can call us at 561-341-0814 or email us at Someone will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Once again, drivers satisfaction at ADSKINZ is our top priority! If you have problems or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I be paid?2020-01-16T15:14:14-04:00

Adskinz will pay you a flat $50 fee per month simply for having the ad on your car. This is, as long as you do not remove or tamper with your decal. You will need to provide us with a monthly proof photo in order to receive payment. We also offer commission opportunities, which are totally separate.

How will I be paid?2020-01-16T15:14:14-04:00

We distribute payment every month through the Cash App. If you are currently driving for us and feel a payment to you has been missed, please email us at

When will I be paid?2020-01-16T15:14:14-04:00

We will distribute payment to you about 30 days from date of installation. Please note that this date may fluctuate by a day or two.

How will I be notified when it is time for me to be paid?2020-01-16T15:14:14-04:00

We will send out a text message or email (sometimes both) requesting a proof photo from you, in which you write a code on a piece of paper and place it next to your ad. We will also request that you text us your cash tag, and text it to us exactly as it appears. Please be exact. If you send us the wrong cash tag, and as a result do not receive payment, we will not send another payment! As soon as you send in your proof photo for inspection, we will send you payment upon verification.

What is my cash tag?2020-01-16T15:14:14-04:00
Your cash tag is your user ID and it will be assigned to you through the cash app.
Example: $adskinz1, This is our cash tag. It will always have a money sign in front of a name.
What is the cash app?2020-01-16T15:14:14-04:00
The “cash app” (Yes, that is what it’s called “the cash app” ) is a secure, Fast, and simple way to transfer money. We do not require any financial information from you, and will never ask you for any kind of deposit, or down payment for your ad.
Will the ad block my view?2020-01-16T15:14:14-04:00

No. Our ads are made out of perforated vinyl. This means that you can see right through them! This material is specifically manufactured for use on windows, and made so you can see through it from the inside looking out.

Can I still turn on my rear defroster?2020-01-16T15:14:15-04:00


Do I get paid as soon as the decal is installed on my vehicle?2020-01-16T15:14:15-04:00

Adskinz will pay you a flat $50 fee per month simply for having the ad on your car. This is, as long as you do not remove or tamper with your decal. You will need to provide us with a monthly proof photo in order to receive payment. We also offer commission opportunities, which are totally separate.

Will the decal damage my paint or glass?2020-01-16T15:14:15-04:00

As long as your vehicle has a factory paint finish, paint will not be damaged. Neither will your glass.

When an ad campaign is over can I get a new ad?2020-01-16T15:14:15-04:00

Yes, as long as we have an ad campaign in your area, we will be more than happy to pair you with a different ad campaign.

Can I drive with more than one add on my vehicle?2020-01-16T15:14:15-04:00

After you have been and Adskinz driver for a minimum of 30 days, we are more than happy to consider pairing you with an additional ad campaign.

Some of your ads say commission opportunities available. How does that work?2020-01-16T15:14:15-04:00

We will pay $100 for every 10 drivers that you were referred to us that end up signing up and becoming an active Adskinz driver.

How long will I keep the decal on my vehicle?2020-01-16T15:14:15-04:00

Most of our ad campaigns last a minimum of 90 days.

Will my windshield wiper damage the ad?2020-01-16T15:14:15-04:00


Can I choose my ad?2020-01-16T15:14:15-04:00

We never make you advertise an ad that you do not want to. As are distributed based upon availability, but it is ultimately up to you what goes on your vehicle.

What happens if I trade in my car and I have an ad on it?2020-01-16T15:14:15-04:00
Just let us know, and we will get a new ad for you. If you trade in your vehicle, within the first two months of an ad, you will be responsible for reimbursement for $26 to Adskinz.
Where do I get my ad installed?2020-01-16T15:14:15-04:00

We have installation people throughout the state. Once we have availability of an ad, one of our installation people closest to you will contact him. You can either go to them, or they can come to you.

Will the ad damage my vehicle?2020-01-16T15:14:15-04:00

Our ads are made out of high-quality perforated vinyl. If you have a factory finish paint job, and no pre-existing defects, it should not damage your paint or glass. 99% of the time we only install ads on glass, but if it does go on the body panel of your vehicle, it will be because you requested that. If you insist upon having an ad on a body panel of your vehicle, Damage responsibility will be yours.

Can I get multiple ads?2020-01-16T15:14:15-04:00

We will sometimes, depending upon your vehicle, make available to you multiple ads. This is decided on a case-by-case basis, and many factors are taken into account. In no case, will a driver have more than one ad prior to a three-month probationary period in which they successfully maintain one ad on their vehicle.

If I refer a friend, how can they sign up?2020-01-16T15:14:15-04:00
Simply have them visit, and click “sign up to drive”. Here is the link, which you can also forward to them:
How can I earn extra money with ADSKINZ?2020-01-16T15:14:15-04:00
We offer all of our drivers the opportunity to refer us new business. If you send a company to us, and they purchase an ad campaign, you will be paid a $200 commission, for every 10 cars that they purchase. It is your job to keep track of who you referred, and make sure that they tell us who referred them!
Can I go through a car wash with my ad?2020-01-16T15:14:15-04:00

Yes, Car wash will not damage your ad.