How to Install Your ADSKINZ Ad2019-03-11T08:44:58-05:00

Congratulations on becoming part of the ADSKINZ team!

You are now part of a network of thousands of drivers who now get paid to not only advertise but to help businesses in your area grow!

Now that you have your decal, there are only a couple more steps, starting with installing the decal.

Below are step-by-step instructions. Don’t worry, it will only take you a few minutes.

    1. Clean your window. The cleaner the better.
    2. Find the centerpoint of your decal by folding it in half and making a crease mark in the top portion.
    3. Align the center crease you made with a centerpoint on your vehicle, like the defroster line, brake light, emblem, antenna, etc.
    4. Make sure the bottom corners of the decal are touching the same defroster line.  This ensures that your decal is level.
    5. Use the tape provided to fix the decal in place. One piece goes on the top in the center, one piece on the bottom in the center.
    6. Fold half the decal back and remove the backing.  Then gently apply decal and smooth out any bubbles.  Don’t go too fast.
    7. Repeat on the other side.
    8. Text a picture of your decal once it has been installed to (561) 702-2024.  This is how we verify that the decal has made its way onto the back of your car!
    9. Then sign, date, and send us a picture of your completed contract via text message to (561) 702-2024.
    10. Start driving!  As long as you do not remove this decal, you will be paid $49.99 every month.  All you’ll have to do is send us in a proof photo every 30 days from date of installation.

Thank you for joining the team—we’re glad to have you!